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"Thank you ma'am, have a nice time," the lady at the gate said cheerfully as she gave (y/n) her ticket.  (y/n) had found her way to the carnival on this cloudy day; the muddy fair grounds were filled with people, and the sound of laughter and clowny music filled the air, which smelt of popcorn. She didn't really want to be alone, especially after what had happened that morning, but she was afraid to call the few friends she had to ask them to come with.  What if they were busy?  What if they thought she was annoying and told her to go away?  So, here she was.  
The fair grounds were covered in people, adults, children, teens, performers..  Couples..  She let your eyes miss them, relationships weren't something she wanted to think about at the moment.  She were just getting over a break up.  The last thing that he had said to (y/n) is that she wasn't good enough as he walked away, a model bodied bimbo with sparkly nails in toe.  The bitch glared at her then whispered "Slut" as she walked away with him.  She didn't want to think about it.  She walked to her final destination, her favorite ride, the Ferris wheel, and as she was about to take her seat in the box at the loading platform, the man at the controls told her that she couldn't ride alone.  (y/n) froze.  Her heart stopped at the prospect of asking someone to ride with her.  
What if all of the people behind her were already in groups of two and didn't want to be split up?  What if there had been a sign about it at the beginning of the line that she had not observed?  She felt as if everyone was staring at her with hating eyes, thoughts raced through her head, and she was about to apologize and quickly leave.  She opened her mouth to reply.  "I'll ride with her," said a smooth quiet voice, as a tall man in his twenties in a navy blue sweat shirt and black jeans slid past (y/n) and sat in the box.  She jumped, for the voice had startled her.  "I-I..  Y-You don't.."  She stuttered, grasping for words to combat this act of kindness, from a stranger who probably had many better things to do.  He grabbed her gently by the arm and pulled her into the seat next to him.  He pulled down the bar, holding her back so he could as if she were a helpless child.  "Please don't mention it friend," he said gently as the ride began to move a little, lifting them up and putting the next box on the ground so more passengers could be loaded.  She took this moment to look at the person who had joined her.  Then she noticed the white mask he was wearing, the fringe of his shaggy brown hair falling over it slightly.  She looked at him nervously.  Why was this man wearing a mask?  She shied away slightly, feeling a bit disconcerted by this.  He looked at you curiously, or at least he seemed to.  Just then she noticed that she had been staring at him.  Her face felt warm and she blushed, looking away.  "I-I'm sorry," (y/n) muttered, apologizing for her rude behavior.  He didn't reply.  
He simply stared at her, as if lost in thought.  He nodded, and then looked out at the scenery.  The box she shared with this stranger was about midway toward the top, and it moved slowly, still loading passengers.  She sighed and squirmed around, trying to find a position in which she would be comfortable.  "Why did you come here alone?"  She jumped at his voice, startled.  He looked at her, seemingly alarmed and he hugged her quickly.  "I'm sorry," he said quickly, and he squeezed her comfortingly.  "I didn't mean to scare you."  She tensed at his touch and he noticed.  "Hey," he murmured and lifted her face gently by the chin to face him.  He smelt of something sweet and warm as he looked down at her.  "My name is Ryan.  You can call my Cry, okay?"  She nodded, her face flushed brightly by now and he chucked, noticing it.  He let her go, but kept one arm around her.  "What's your name," he asked softly.  "(Y-Y/n)," was her soft reply.  "(Y/n)," he said, testing it on his lips, and humming softly as if liking the taste.  "Well," he began quietly, trying not to startle her again, "I was wanting to ask you why you were here alone. The only people that seem to be here are the families with children and teenagers, the teenagers being forced to come here because "family time"."  "And there are of course." He gestured through the bars to two people holding hands on a bench below, "the couples."  She cringed slightly at that.  "Then there are the creepy old men in masks wanting to attract little children to their white vans,"  he leaned close to her and giggled creepily then said in a low voice, "want some candy little girl?"  She giggled slightly and let herself lean against him.  Alright, she guess she could have been put with a worse stranger, even if he just depicted himself as a child molester.  Cry leaned against the side of the cage, pulling her with him so she was nearly laying on him.  She blushed a bit, but relaxed since he didn't seem to mind.  (y/n) laid her head on his chest gently, and he smiled, she saw since the angle she was in gave her a little peek of the skin under his mask.  His chin was a little scruffy, but not much.  She looked down and he rested his chin on her head so she couldn't see more.  
Soon he had sparked a conversation, and they both talked of this and that; which was surprising since (y/n) wasn't a talkative person in the least, but his charm kept her engaged.  Soon, the ride was nearing it's end and she was saddened by the thought of seeing him go.  Cry had a way of making her feel so comfortable around him with his smooth gentle voice and his warmth; he seemed like such a nice person.  Finally their box was lowered to the platform and she got out, feeling a bit wobbly at the knees.  Cry was out just behind her, and he put a steadying arm around her shoulders.  He lead you forward, and she let him, comfortable in his protective shadow.  They both sat down on a bench.  "Are you alright," he asked.  (y/n) nodded silently, and looked away so he couldn't see her sad face.  She had finally found someone who could be her friend, one that she could feel comfortable around, but now they were parting.  "Hey", he said, gently holding her chin and turning her face to look at his masked one.  "Why so blue," he asked.  "We can ride the Ferris wheel again if you want."  Her eyes widened slightly, shocked.  The sound of laughter and shouting and music stilled and was nothing but background static.  "S-So, you're staying," she murmured.  He stiffened and seemed to just now realize that they hadn't came here together, and had just met.  "Of course", he exclaimed.  "You're cool!  I'm alone too, and I have no one else to hang with..  I thought we were going to hang together."  He almost sounded disappointed then she realized that he might think that she doesn't want to hang out with him now.  "Yes", she chirped out happily, her quiet voice raising somewhat in tempo.  "I really really do," she said, pulling him to his feet and hugging him tight.  "I was just sad because I wanna get to know you and I thought you were gonna leave."  
His body, which had stiffened momentarily, seemed to soften.  He ruffled her hair a bit then linked her arm with his.  "Let us go then," he shouted, as if they were going on a quest, and this time she wasn't startled.  He pulled her quickly with him and she happily let him.  The day seemed to pas quickly, it was a whirl wind of games and rides, laughter and junk food that they would probably regret eating later.  Soon, the activity was beginning to wind down and most everyone had left; even some booths were closed.  Everyone had gone to the big tent and by the sounds of it, people cheering, tigers roaring, the show had begun.  She looked up at him.  She wasn't particularly interested in going in, especially so late when the show had already begun and people would look at them if they entered.  Thankfully, he wasn't really interested either.  "Oh," he said.  "Did you want to go in?"  "Nah", she replied, "it's fine.  I would rather do something else, honestly."  He nodded in agreement.  So they both wandered about the nearly empty park, not a soul in sight.  It almost seemed abandoned, save for all of the noise coming from the massive tent in the center of the circus.  The whole thing seemed a massive circle, the rides on the outer edge, then there were the games and tents with fortune tellers and the like, and in the middle was the giant tent in which most everyone was gathered in now, except for them.  Suddenly, (y/n) paused.  A medium sized tent had caught her eye.  "A fun house," Cry said excitedly, walking toward it.  She had misgivings but she didn't really wanna go home just yet, so she followed him without comment.  He seemed excited, and she was a bit too.  She liked these sort of places, and now that there weren't any creepy clowns inside, she wasn't really worried.  Her unease faded as she leaned closer to him, and he put an arm around her waist.  
She was greeted with a tube like hallway with moving sparkly walls.  The floor, or bridge as she came to realize, was suspended above the floor, and the hallway was nothing more than a spinning tube.  She gripped the railings, getting her barrings.  Cry suddenly moved her arms so they were simply out and his hands then rested on her waist.  "We're flying", he exclaimed happily, causing her to giggle.  She let yourself lean against him a little, not confident that he would not give under her weight and then fall over and be crushed by her; dying a slow gruesome death.  That, of course, did not happen, and he pulled her against him gently and sunk to the floor, simply sitting her down on his lap.  She hadn't realized how small she was compared to him.  She felt his hard chest and abdomen on her back and she blushed, wondering if he had abs.  He nuzzled the top of her head.  Her hair just wasn't getting a break today, was it?  Messed up for the billionth time today, she put her hands up to smooth it.  His arms tightened around her waist and she was pulled tighter against him.  She felt his cold mask against her neck and she shivered.  He chuckled and his fingers brushed against her belly slightly, which caused her to jump.  He hummed with approval as she blushed and tried to glare at him.  He lifted her up and slid his hand into hers gently, then pulled her forward and into the next room.
 It was full of mirrors.  A horrible feeling filled her belly and her chest began to feel tight.  Cry noticed her discomfort and looked at her, concerned.  She shook her head at him and smiled in a way she hoped was reassuring.  She walked down the stairs quickly and further into the room.  When she thought he wasn't looking, she slipped away into the maze of mirrors.  She hated looking at all of the reflections of herself staring back at her.  She walked around, beginning to panic and and looking for an exit.  Suddenly, at the end of the hall of mirrors, one reflection caught her eye.  The mirror made you look shorter and bloated.  She recoiled in horror, not wanting to see a visualization of the thoughts that had plagued her ever since her ex had left her.  She backed into a different mirror, which seemed to be bolted down and made of plastic she realized, to her relief.  She turned to face it.  The mirror depicted her as very skinny, and tall.  It was certainly very distorted, but she looked..  She turned her body sideways, and looked at herself with her hands on her hips.  She was almost..beautiful.  But the little bump of belly fat on her still remained.  It wasn't much, but it was enough to finally send her over the edge.  She let out a frustrated cry.  Her eyes began to fill with tears as she sunk to her knees, eyes trained on the floor.  She made no move to cover her wide eyes or wipe them away, the tears that had been kept bottled up inside of her simply fell to the floor silently.  She had finally, after all of the time she had spent hardening herself behind her shy exterior, shattered.  Why wasn't she good enough?  Why wasn't she beautiful?  Was it her imperfect skin?  Her less than perfect body?  Her shortness?  Her curvyness?  All of the men only wanted tall skinny girls, or the big breasted girls with big butts and no belly, or the bigger girls with proportionate bodies, but not in between girls like her.  She had been trying so hard, even to the point of nearly starving herself; and sure, she had certainly come a long way but..  It wasn't enough.  It would never be enough!  It was no longer about her ex and that girl he had left her for.  It was the bullying you had suffered through all through middle school and high school, it was the looks people always seemed to give her.  No one would care about her until she withered away into nothingness and starved to death!  No one cares unless you're pretty, rich, or dead!  She nearly screamed, the pain she had kept inside filling her body and shaking it to her core, the emotion irradiating through her then eventually pouring out of her in the form of tears and near screaming cries as she fell over onto her side.  Sobs shook her body and the sound of running footsteps failed to reach her ears.  She was grabbed hastily and lifted up, something warm and soft was under her, behind her, around her, but she didn't care, she couldn't take the pain anymore.  (y/n) didn't respond to the hushed whispers and the gentle comforting squeezes.  She didn't respond when she was lifted up, wrapped in a jacket, and taken out of the fun house and into the rain.  The stares from on lookers didn't faze her as Cry carried her out of the fair grounds and to his car.

~Cry POV~

Cry's hands shook as he opened the passenger door of the small old Subaru Outback.  He had found her screaming and crying, and he felt as if it was his fault almost; had let (y/n) slip away on her own.  He couldn't imagine what could bring such a pretty wonderful girl to break down like this, but he had felt it when he had first seen her about to run away instead of board the Ferris wheel that afternoon.  He knew something was wrong, and it went beyond her simply being shy.  That's why he had pushed his way through the line of people, and sat beside her.  This had of course bothered a few people (which Cry had to pay a few bucks to shut up when (y/n) wasn't looking), but he hadn't cared.  He felt a sudden connection to her.  He at that moment felt an uncontrollable urge to stand beside her, to make her feel better, and to protect her since to him she had seemed vulnerable.  She had turned out to be a sweet girl, a bit tiny bit tsundere every once and a while, but very shy and kind.  So that's why he was presently driving with her bawling in the passenger seat of his car.  He would ask to her where she lived, but she didn't appear to be in any shape to tell him.  He drove down the road, lost in thought and glancing worriedly at (y/n) once and a while, the wind shield wipers making soft noises as they cleared the water away.  He eventually pulled into his driveway, and parked in front of his house.  
He hadn't been paying attention to driving, but luckily he had driven this way many times before.  The rain fell softly into his already damp hair, drenching it again.  Water dripped down his mask as he walked around the back of the car to the passenger door.  The door was slowly pulled open, and he caught her falling out.  Somewhere along the way she had passed out.  He lifted her up and carried her quickly to his front door, fumbled with the keys, and let them in quickly.  He walked into the house.  He slipped his shoes off and pulled hers off as well, setting her socks inside her shoes.  His house was of modest size, not enough to accommodate more than four people, but it was comfortable.  He carried her through the entry way and up the stairs, down the hall and to his room.  Cry set the unconscious (y/n) down on his queen sized bed then he quickly began to work.  He pulled out a Minecraft t-shirt from his closet, a black one with just a Creeper on it, and he set it on the bed.  He didn't hesitate, he knew that she couldn't stay in the drenched clothing that she now wore.  He pulled his jacket off of her and the (f/c) hoodie that she had been wearing then lifted her up with one arm.  He pulled the shirt over her head but didn't put the arms through the sleeves.  He moved his hands up to her shoulders, careful to avoid her chest, and he slid the white tank top that she had been wearing down her arms and off of them.  He then grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it down, over her hips and off of her body.  He gently maneuvered her arms through the sleeves of his t-shirt and made sure it came down past her waist.  It did, and he was thankful.  He unbuttoned her black skinny jeans, silently reminding himself that it had to be done, and pulled them off quickly, then pulled the shirt down over her, which luckily went to her thighs.  He then noticed the old scars on her arms and legs and it made him feel sick to his stomach.  Whatever or whoever could drive anyone to this was horrible.  He gently lifted her body up off of the bed, then he pulled the blankets back and set her down.  
Cry tucked her in carefully, trying not to wake her, and he gently rested his forehead on hers for a moment.  "Sleep well friend," he murmured.  He picked up her clothes off of the floor and some of his that had been laying around, and he put them in a laundry basket.  He picked it up, and with one last look to make sure (y/n) was alright, he walked out of the room and shut the door silently with his toe.  He was a bit tired.  He sighed and carried the basket to the laundry room, sorted the clothes out into their respectable categories, put a load of dark colored clothes in the washer,  put the fabric softener and detergent in where they belonged, and turned the washer on.  It hummed to life and began to fill with water, then began vibrating and occasionally thumping as it started to wash the clothes.  He walked out of the room and began to unconsciously tidy the house up a bit, lost in thought.  He did the dishes, took out the trash, feed the fish, all as he thought about what he would do about the present situation.  He simply couldn't leave her alone.  He didn't rightly know what was wrong, but he had to assume that she might do something desperate, due to her melt down.  So, he would keep her here as long as he could, at least until he was certain that she felt better.  He sighed and tossed the mop and bucket full of dirty water in the closet, not caring about the water that he probably slopped and would have to clean up later.  He picked up the phone and flopped down on the couch.  He dialed a familiar number, glad that he could make international calls.  "Hello," said the groggy voice of a tired Felix, aka Pewdiepie.  Cry glanced at the clock, realizing that it would be rather early in the morning there, and winced.  "Hellooooo," Felix said again, not really sounding irritated but sounding kinda dull and monotone.  "Yeah," Cry replied, snapping back to reality, "it's me Pewds.  I am in a bit of a bind and I need some guidance."  "No matter how dark and creepy it sounds outside, or whatever weird noises you hear, I am 80% certain that there are no zombies outside Cry," the rather tired Pewdiepie said in a mildly exasperated tone.  "Hey," Cry said, his voice raising a bit then he remembered to be quiet, "it's not even that this time," Cry whisper shouted.  "Besides, there totally was a zombie outside.  Except it was a little kid dressed as one and it was Halloween, and I maybe sorta ended up shooting it in the face with a water pistol, but there totally was!"  Cry could hear Felix snickering quietly, which irritated him a bit, even though he had to admit, it was kinda funny.  "Alright," Pewds said, finally finished laughing.  "What is wrong over there then?"  Cry sighed and explained, in detail, the events of the day, what had happened then, and what he was worried about.  Felix listened silently, now sitting up in bed.  After Cry had finished, there was a long silence before there was a reply.  "So," said Pewdie, "you took her home."  "Yeah."  "And she's in dry clothing, asleep in your bed."  "Mhm," Cry responded.  "Well I don't see why you need me for, that's about the best thing you could have done.  That's what I would have done, except I would have been adorned in badass armor astride a white stallion."  Cry nearly scoffed but then he smiled at the weird awesomeness which was Felix.  Yeah, he guessed the other gamer was right.  "Well," he said slowly, "what now?"  He heard some noise on the other line, which was Pewdiepie booting up his laptop computer since Felix was reasonably sure that he probably wasn't going to go back to bed now that he was wide awake.  "You might as well do what you said you were going to do," Felix responded simply.  "That's just about the best way to proceed with this.  Just be careful okay?  Who knows what you're getting yourself into. Maybe she had a vision of the barrels taking over the world, and only you guys can save it.  With my help of course."  This made Cry feel better and he laughed, then they talked about this and that for a while before Cry said that he was tired and was going to go to bed.  "Alright bro, just keep me posted, okay," Felix said, sounding a bit concerned.  "Alright.  I'll talk to you later," Cry replied.  "Sleep well man."  "Later my friend."  Cry hung up the phone, set it on it's charger, and rolled over on the couch.  He promptly passed out.

~(y/n) POV~

(y/n) woke up in a strange place, in a strange bed, wearing strange clothes.  It was Monsters Vs. Aliens all over again, except she wasn't giant.  Giant..  Giant.  Then the memories of the previous day hit her and her eyes widened.  She was nearly in tears again, but when she figured out where she must be, she stopped herself.  Suddenly, her sadness forgotten, she began to looked around.  She was in a room with a closet to her right, a window to her left, a dresser on the opposite wall in front of the foot of the bed, and on the same wall as the dresser to her right was the door.  (y/n) quickly got out of bed and crept down the stairs, into the entry way, around the corner, and into a living room.  The light was dim, but she heard soft breathing from the couch and she moved up quickly behind it.  She peeked over the back of the couch and saw a messy haired sleeping Cry, his mask askew so his lips down and a bit of his left cheek was showing, his soft breathing moving a bit of hair that was in his face slightly.  She smiled and slowly walked around to the other side of the couch.  It was 6 AM according to the digital clock on the phone charger for his land line.  (y/n) smirked.  It's morning.  She was hungry.  He was sleeping adorably, but she was still hungry.  She had been starving herself for weeks, and she didn't really feel like keeping that up no matter how much she would regret it later.  Seeing him had some how put her in a better mood, so she decided to wake him up.  She was 19 and had heard her parents talking about kicking her out anyway, so they wouldn't mind her being gone for a while.  She crouched down and wiggled a bit, then she was about to pounce upon him when suddenly he fell off the couch onto her.  She squirmed, blushing at the fact he was on top of her, and she tried to wiggle free.  He hugged her tightly, nuzzling her neck as he murmured, "caught you," drowsily.  Unbeknownst to her, she had woken him up as soon as she had stepped off of the bed upstairs.  He wasn't normally a light sleeper, but he had been worried about her.  She wiggled a bit and he hummed softly, as if he were oblivious to her attempts to escape.  He pushed himself up and looked down at her then suddenly frowned.  Cry pulled her up and sat down, then pulled her down so she was straddling his lap and would be forced to face him.  He cradled her face gently in his hands then he frowned.  He sighed softly and his hand went to his mask.  He pulled it down and rested his masked forehead against hers.  "Please," he whispered, making her look into the black dots on his mask where his eyes were.  She could only see black, but she still stared.  "I know we have just met, but you need to tell me what happened to you to make you break down like that.  I need to help you (y/n).  Don't ask why, but I do.  But I can't help unless I know why, what happened, and who I need to throw a grenade at."  His voice was soft, low, and soothing, but at the last bit it gained a deadly tone and seemed to sharpen.  "You're my friend now, okay?  Friends keep each other safe.  But if you're the one who's posing the biggest threat to yourself.."  He seemed to be at a loss for words and he trailed off.  Tears came to her eyes again but she tried her hardest not to let it out.  She took a deep breath and she began to speak, softly at first, then full of emotion as she held back sobs.  She told him of the mirrors, her thoughts and what she saw, she told him of her ex boyfriend and how he had left her for a tramp, which elicited a low growl from Cry, which scared her a bit but she continued.  Then, she told him about when it began.

                                            ~Middle school: 6th grade, (y/n) POV~

(f/n) (l/n) was 11 years old.  It was the beginning of the second quarter and everyone had gotten into the swing of things, not forgetting their books, remembering which class was which, finding their cliques, and settling in from elementary school.  Most of the girls in (y/n)'s grade were skinny and flat chested, but she was curvy and began growing breasts and a butt before the other girls.  This caused them to become jealous of her.  They would tease her and call her names like plastic, fatty, and freak.  They would be loud in class just because they knew she had a hard time concentrating, and her grades dropped.  By high school, the teasing had gone from name calling, to girls punching her in the breasts and guys hitting her butt, to everyone calling her a slut behind her back, boys would date her, take advantage of her, and dump her.  She was so lonely, she even began to like it.  But then, the worst began.  Everyone began to ignore her entirely.  No one would talk to her, but when they knew she was close enough to hear, they would whisper things like slut and whore behind her back.  It began to drive her crazy.  Finally, after 5 years of torture, her parents finally noticed that something might be wrong.  They asked her, she told them all she could bare, and they put her on home school for the last two years of her schooling.  She had barely left home, and most of the friends she had were people she only contacted on the internet.  She sometimes got to meet them in person, but they were so shocked by how quiet she was in real life that they weren't even sure that she was (y/n).  And then, at 19, she had her first real boyfriend.  They had met over the internet, and had dated for 6 months, not a quarrel or end in sight, then one day he had came to her and told her that he wasn't satisfied with the way their relationship was.  And then, she had walked up behind her.  Her auburn hair with it's fake curls bounced as she grabbed his arm and jerked him to her.  "Tell her what's really wrong," the girl had said in a silky smooth voice snapped as she glared at her with a cat got the canary smirk on her perfectly skinned, makeup covered face.  He hesitated them murmured, "you just aren't..  (y/n) you aren't my type.  I like girls with..  More.."  He gestured toward the other girl's chest.
The girl had hissed and clawed his skin and said as (y/n) was close to tears, "You aren't pretty enough (y/n)."  She spat out your name like venom and her words held just as much poison.  "Your curves are in all the wrong places, you're fat, you're hair is dull, and you just aren't good enough for him!"  She shouted at (y/n) and she nearly lost it.  "The only reason your have curves in the "right places" is because they're all fucking fake," you screamed, rage overpowering the pain you felt.  "Enough," your no longer boyfriend had screamed at you and he shoved you hard enough to make you fall in the dust at their feet.  "Hilary is fucking right," he snared at her.  "Don't you dare speak to her that way. I cheated on you because you aren't good enough.  You're nice and all, but you have to may fucking problems, you aren't even pretty, and you aren't worth it," he screamed.  (y/n)'s anger vanished as she started to shake, looking into his eyes for any hint that his words were false and that he hadn't betrayed her but he did nothing but spit at her feet and turn away.  "Slut," Hilary whispered as she walked away with that was left of (y/n)'s dignity.  She had began to cry.  Trembling and whimpering as she dragged herself to her house and quietly opened the door, expecting the comfort and warmth that home usually gave her.  Then (y/n) heard her parent's speaking quietly in the kitchen.  "That girl is such a shut in," her mother sighed, shaking her head.  "We ought to just kick her out, she does nothing but sit on the internet all day, and have you noticed how fat she's getting?"  Her father's words shook her and she began to step back.  She had been starving herself for weeks!  She had lost 30 pounds, she only weighed about 150, she wasn't even chubby anymore but..  It wasn't enough, was it?  It would never be enough for anyone!  She wheeled around and took a big step out the door, slammed it, then began to run.  She had thought she heard her mother call to her, but she didn't even look back.  She had ran down the street for what seemed like hours till she began to hear the sounds of music playing in the distance.  Oh yes.  The circus was in town.  She walked slowly in it's direction, a few dollars in her pocket and a death wish.  Maybe she could some how jump out of the tallest ride.  The Ferris wheel.  Yes, that was her favorite.  It was fitting.  She walked through the parking lot and approached the fair ground gates.

~Present Cry POV~

Finally, her body gave out and she fell onto him, Cry catching her and holding her body protectively to his as she cried.  They simply sat there for what seemed like hours, (y/n) with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and Cry who was holding her tightly, crying silently for all of the pain she had felt.  All of the wrongs done to her.  Deep inside a small ball of cold hard rage was growing, but he contained it for now and simply held her against him.  He knew nothing he could say would comfort her right now, and the best thing that he could do for her was simply hold her tightly and not let her go, no matter what.  She was alone, and for all intensive purposes, she was homeless.  And even if she wasn't, the thought of her going back there made him hold her tighter, and made him want to protect her.  He sighed an held her tighter, wanting to keep her safe, but not knowing how to keep her safe from what she felt inside.  Cry gently wrapped her in a blanket that had been folded on the couch and had served as his pillow, then he picked her up and carried her to the kitchen.  He set her down on the table and opened a cabinet full of cooking supplies.


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